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Personalised Courses by Zhong Zhiyue | Limited Time Offer

11 November 2023

He Yue Zhai | Personalised Courses by Zhong Zhiyue
Onsite/online teaching points | Zero-basic Foundation Courses are now available

Limit to six to eight seats per teaching point
(NOTE: 3 seats left in Singapore and 2 seats left in Shanghai)

(Chinese Version, Click here)

Sign up for the courses taught by Zhong Zhiyue and enjoy attractive discounts!

This course is taught jointly between the Singapore He Yue Zhai and the Shanghai Branch.
With the perfect combination of online and offline, we meet each other across the borders.


Introductory class: 10 classes, SGD 600 (RMB 3,000)

Beginner class: 12 classes, SGD 720 (RMB 3,600)

Original Price for BOTH Courses is S$1,320 (RMB 6,600), Special Offer Price is S$1,100 (RMB 5,500)

NOTE: Zhong Zhiyue teaches onsite in Singapore or Shanghai from time to time,
teaching assistants are available in both places.

Timing: 60 minutes per lesson, 1 lesson per week

Every Saturday 09:30-10:30 OR Every Sunday 09:30-10:30


Singapore Onsite teaching point:520 Sims Avenue #02-05 Singapore 387580


Shanghai Onsite teaching point:上海市长宁区龙溪路189号明苑别墅



Phone Enquiry:(65)6528 9137(Singapore Enquiry)

                                               (86)13681764687(Shanghai Enquiry/WeChat)

Whatsapp:8171 3892     WeChat:HyzDeVenue  

Email: enquiry@heyuezhai.com.sg





Established in 2013, 龢樂斋 (pronounced as ‘He Yue Zhai’) is a leading Guqin music and arts centre that aims to bring people together to explore the wonders of traditional Chinese culture.

We are one of the largest Guqin training institutes in Singapore and have trained more than hundreds of students. In addition to Guqin, we also offer Dizi, Xiao, Weiqi and tea appreciation classes to enhance our students’ learning experience of Chinese culture.

Our centre actively champions the appreciation of traditional Chinese music and has collaborated with world renowned arts and cultural organisations to develop a growing love for Guqin in Singapore.

Amidst the hustle and bustle in our world today, we hope you will find time to visit us and begin a journey of self-discovery that is capable of bringing harmony and joy.

In June 2023, our branch 无名 (Wu Ming)  was set up.  Located at 26 Duxton Rd, the environment is elegant, you can play Guqin, appreciate tea, and do calligraphy leisurely.
Wu Ming offers one-to-one and one-to-two Guqin courses, taught by Amy Yao, our Senior Guqin Lecturer at He Yue Zhai Guqin Music and Arts Centre. Click here for more information about Wu Ming.



“龢樂斋”总馆 (Main):

Address:520 Sims Avenue #02-05 Singapore 387580
电话Tel:(65)  6528 9137
Whatsapp:8171 3892
电邮: enquiry@heyuezhai.com.sg


“龢樂斋•无名”新加坡分馆 (Branch):

地址Address:26 Duxton Rd Singapore 089490
电话Tel(65)8374 5158 


“龢樂斋•明苑”上海分馆 (Branch):

电话Tel / Wechat:(86)13681764687


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