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31 December 2023

Zhǐ Duǎn Qín Zhǎng” by Zhong Zhiyue

纸短琴长  钟之岳/编著



Zhǐ Duǎn Qín Zhǎng” consists of 16 Guqin music scores, including songs from popular movies and TV shows, and interludes from classic animated films. There are 12 pieces of solo music scores and 4 pieces of ensemble music scores. Each piece of work is presented through cautious consideration of the melody, harmony and other aspects of the original piece, striving to better retain the originality while highlighting the unique characteristics of the Guqin itself.

Since its publication, this book has been widely appreciated and praised by Guqin enthusiasts. It has received rave reviews and nearly 6,000 copies have been sold so far. With the successful release of “Zhǐ Duǎn Qín Zhǎng”, we are about to launch its sequel and we are here to collect feedback on your favorite songs.






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