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新加坡古琴 | 让一部分古琴新手先少走些弯路

10 December 2023

This is a cultivated gathering about the “technique” and “instrument” of Guqin.
It is meant for new, intermediate and experienced Guqin players.
From “Xī Shān Qín Kuàng” and “Qín Jué”, Assoc. Prof. Zhong Zhiyue is here to share with you some facts about Guqin that adapts to the past and the present, he will also share some insights into appreciating and choosing a good Guqin.


Date and time: 16 December 2023, 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm
Venue: He Yue Zhai Music and Arts Centre, 520 Sims Ave #02-05 S(387580)
Fee: SGD 18 (Complimentary for He Yue Zhai students and members of Guqin Association of Singapore)
Fee allows One-time Complimentary Guqin trial lesson (reservation required)




地点:新加坡龢樂斋古琴馆, 520 Sims Ave #02-05 S(387580)
费用: SGD 18(龢樂斋古琴馆学员及新加坡古琴协会会员免费)



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