He Yue Zhai
Sengkang Town Council.

Zhong Zhiyue

05 April 2021

Zhong Zhiyue is an accomplished composer and musician specialising in both the Sheng and Guqin. At the age of 13, he started learning Sheng under the tutelage of Professor Xu Chaoming from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He has also studied Guqin performance under the guidance of Professor Dai Xiaolian. Due to outstanding achievements, Mr Zhong graduated one year ahead of schedule and in 2016, became the first master’s degree student majoring in Sheng performance at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. He also learn composition from Huang Lei, Xu Jianqiang, Luo Weilun, etc.

Mr Zhong is the President of the Guqin Association of Singapore and the co-founder of He Yue Zhai Guqin Music and Arts Centre. He is currently Director of the Singapore Chinese Music Federation and lectures at Singapore Raffles Music College. He is also a committee member of the professional Sheng instrument section and Guqin instrument section of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society, and a member of the Shanghai Musicians Association and the Shanghai Guqin Research Association. 

He Yue Zhai

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