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Amy Yao

24 September 2023

Amy learned Guqin under Ms. Lu Xiaozi, a young Guqin performer and Guqin teacher at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. After that, she learned Guqin with Associate Professor Zhong Zhiyue, an accomplished composer and musician specialising in both the Sheng and Guqin, and Wu Xiaodan, a master’s degree holder majored in Guqin performance and a PhD candidate majoring in Chinese traditional music theory at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music

In 2018, Amy won the Bronze Award in Guqin Performance of the Adult category in the 2nd “Hongqin Cup”, Southeast Asia Constituency. In 2020, she was awarded with outstanding result, Diploma in Guqin Performance from the Confucius Institute, Nanyang Technological University (CI-NTU). In 2021, she won the Bronze and Singapore Grand Awards of the non-traditional category in the 2021 “HeYue Cup” Singapore International Guqin Invitational Competition. She won the 3rd prize for Guqin performance of the Adult category in the 2022 Shanghai International Music Festival Finals; In 2023, she won the Silver Award in the Ensemble category at the Nanyang International Music Festival, and Bronze and the Singapore Grand Awards of the Professional category in the “NanFeng Cup” Singapore International Guqin Competition.

She is currently a member of the Guqin Association of Singapore and teaches Guqin at the He Yue Zhai Music and Arts Centre.


He Yue Zhai

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