He Yue Zhai

Niqin Premium Grade Guqin (Yuyao Series)


  • Brand : Niqin
  • Face plate : White Fir
  • Back plate : Fir or catalpa ovata 
  • Emblem : Mother of pearl
  • Style selection : Zhongni / Fuxi / Shennong / Jiaoye / Hundun / Lingji / Luoxia
  • String : Steel string with nylon cover
  • Pegs : Black sandalwood
  • Lacquer mix : Raw lacquer with cornu cervi degelatinatumm or tile ash
  • Accessories: a blue floral cloth guqin bag, a guqin hard cover case, a guqin cleaning cloth and two guqin anti slip padding
He Yue Zhai

Niqin is named after Ni Shiyun, a famous guqin maker. As it is made using the traditional qin making techniques and materials, it takes around two to three years to complete a Niqin. The unique curvature of a Niqin allows it to be played comfortably. With a naturally beautiful lacquer color, a Niqin is able to produce clean and translucent sound with soft yet clear overtones.

Niqin is widely loved by most Guqin players due to its versatile musical characteristics. Northern China Guqin players choose it for its ancient and powerful sound, while Southern China Guqin players love the warm and resounding notes produced on a Niqin. Due its ability to produce sound that ranges from quiet and mellow to deep and sonorous, a Niqin is designed to suit all your needs.

He Yue Zhai
He Yue Zhai
He Yue Zhai

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