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Information for mailing of certificates and prizes|The 4th Singapore Guqin Arts Festival “Nán Fēng Bēi” International Guqin Tournament

16 September 2023

Information for mailing of

“Nán Fēng Bēi” certificates and prizes

The 4th Singapore Guqin Arts Festival has come to a successful conclusion. 
Congratulations to all winners of the "Nán Fēng Bēi" International Guqin Competition. 
Starting next week, we will mail out certificates, trophies and prizes. Look out for them


/ Prizes/

a.According to the total scores of each group, the top ten in each category and the Singapore Grand Awards will receive:

1st prize: Win a limited edition “Nán Fēng Yì Pǐn” guqin worth S$16,000 (RMB 80,000)

2nd Prize:  Win a “Nán Fēng Miào Pǐn” guqin worth S$7,600 (RMB 36,000)

3rd prize: Win a “Nán Fēng Qīng Mù” guqin worth S$2,400 (RMB 12,000)

4th to 10th prize and the Singapore Grand Award: A set of “Yuè Shèng” Commemorative strings Xīn Lài worth S$176 (RMB 880)


b.Gold with Distinction and Gold Awards winners will also receive exquisite trophies and certificates; Silver, Bronze and Outstanding Performance Awards winners will receive an exquisite certificate.


c.The instructors of the winners of “Gold with Distinction”, “Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards” and “Singapore Grand Awards” in each category will receive the title of “Excellent Instructor” and certificate


Note:The top three winners in each group please contact Mr. Shan Weilin of “Nán Fēng Guqin” about receiving the Guqin. Phone/WeChat ID: 13801454149


“Nán Fēng” Guqin

In 1996, Mr. Shan Weilin founded the Nán Fēng brand, becoming the first guqin making enterprise after China’s reform and liberalisation. The Nán Fēng brand has successively won the honorary titles of “China’s Famous Brand” and “China’s Famous Guqin Making Workshop”. The guqins made by Nán Fēng are hand-crafted with ancient materials from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The shape is dignified and simple, and the sound is loose and mellow. It is an artistic treasure integrating musical instruments, lacquerwork, materials, poetry, calligraphy, seals and carving. It gives people the aesthetic impression that the soul is beautiful in the body of the guqin, and the beauty is beyond the strings and rhymes. It has extremely high humanistic significance and appreciation value, as well as performance and collection value. It is sought after by many guqin enthusiasts and collectors at home and abroad. In addition to being sold well in all provinces and cities across the country, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Nanfeng Guqin is also exported to music schools and Guqin collectors in the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore and many other countries. It has a high reputation in the industry.

“Yuè Shèng” Guqin Strings

The famous contemporary string brand “Yuè Shèng” was founded by Mr. Hu Zuting in 1993. After nearly 30 years of development, it is now the best choice for Guqin stringing! At present, under the leadership of the second-generation, Mr. Hu Danyue, “Yuè Shèng” is constantly adopting new techniques, new equipment, new materials, new formulas, etc., and intensive research. Currently, “Yuè Shèng” provides the guqin players with nearly 30 ways of matching the strings and guqin.


Registration for a change in mailing address:


If the mailing address needs to be changed or the information needs to be completed, you need to scan the QR code to register for the change.
Otherwise, the mailing address will be the one that was filled in when registering for the competition.
Starting next week, all contestants participating in the finals will be able to check their scores through the official website.
Please look out for follow-up information!
He Yue Zhai

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