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10 December 2023

He Yue Zhai Guqin Tour has been silent for three years due to the pandemic. This year the tour started again. Led by Zhong Zhiyue, enter into the Guqin culture … and of course enjoy the local delicacies.

Cast your preferred choice for these 3 places:
1. Hangzhou and Shanghai
2. Wuhan
3. Henan

Don’t wait anymore, choose your favorite destination and the travel time.



龢樂斋古琴游学因疫情层沉静了3年。今年游学之旅再次启动。 由钟老师带领,走入古琴文化,当然少不了吃吃喝喝当地的美食

1. 杭州与上海
2. 武汉
3. 河南









“龢樂斋”总馆 (Main):

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电话:(65)  6528 9137
Whatsapp:8171 3892
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He Yue Zhai

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