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Traditionally, tea is often associated with art, philosophy and literature. More importantly, learning about the art of tea has often been touted as an essential part of self-cultivation. If you have always been wanted to experience the proper and traditional way to “drink tea”, our tea appreciation course has been specially crafted to help you dive deeply into the spirit and soul of the Chinese tea culture.

The beauty of tea is meant to be learnt and appreciated by everyone. We hope that by sharing our immense love for tea, you will encounter a newfound appreciation and make tea drinking a part of your everyday life.

He Yue Zhai
He Yue Zhai
He Yue Zhai

Tea Appreciation Class

Our Tea Appreciation Class and curriculum is designed to be educational, engaging and experiential. Offered in a series of 4 sessions, each session lasted for 90 minutes. Students will gain an insight into the following.

– The origins and history of Chinese tea
– Proper tea etiquette in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony
– Various tea brewing techniques as well as an introduction to Chinese teaware
– Modern methods of tea processing and the six different types of tea categories
– The correct way to savour and taste distinctive characteristics of different teas

We offer both 1-to-1 and 1-to-2 classes. 1-to-1 classes cost SGD580 per pax, while 1-to-2 classes cost SGD500 per pax.

Complimentary Chinese teaware set will be gifted to every student during first lesson. Students can come back for a revision within one year period.

Tea Appreciation Classes will be conducted in Mandarin.

For further enquires, please contact us at

Email: heyuezhaigroup@gmail.com / enquiry@heyuezhai.com.sg
Office number: (65) 65289137
Whatsapp 81713892

He Yue Zhai

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