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He Yue Zhai

With more than 3,000 years of history, the Guqin (古琴) has been regarded as one of the most important symbols of Chinese culture. It is highly favoured by the Chinese literati as a classic instrument of great subtlety and refinement. 

The formation of this instrument has profound meaning and is designed to reflect the “unity of heaven and humanity” in traditional Chinese philosophy. The shape of the Guqin resembles that of a man while each aspect of the instrument is named after a part of nature. The standard length for a Guqin is normally 3 Chǐ (尺), 6 Cùn (寸) and 5 Fēn (分)(approx. 136 cm), symbolising 365 days in a year.

If you like soothing and peaceful tunes that bring you into a mood of contemplation and relaxation, why not learn guqin with us today?

Our in-house curriculum is specially designed to suit all ages. We offer classes for both groups and individuals (private lesson). The Guqin courses are taught by experienced teachers who are fluent in both English and Chinese.

He Yue Zhai
He Yue Zhai
He Yue Zhai

As students at the Entry Level, you can look forward to mastering basic Guqin fingering techniques such as Open-Strings (散音 Sàn yīn), Harmonics (泛音 Fàn yīn) and Pressed-Strings (按音 Àn yīn) etc. ou will learn how to play traditional musical repertoire like ‘The Three Variations of Plum-Blossom’ (梅花三弄 mei hua san nong), ‘Chant of the Immortal’ (仙翁操 xian weng cao) as well as modern songs like ‘A Laugh Heard in the Vast Sea’ (沧海一声笑 cang hai yi sheng xiao) a popular theme song from acclaimed movie ‘The Swordman’ (笑傲江湖 xiao ao jiang hu). 

    Please see below for our fees:

    Group Class

    TypeTotal Course Fee (SGD)Duration of each Lecture (in minutes)Number of Lectures per SemesterCost per Lecture (SGD)
    Guqin Entry Level Course
    (Grade 1)
    Guqin Beginner Level Course
    (Grade 2-3)
    Guqin Intermediate Level Course*
    (Grade 4-6)
    Guqin Advance Level Course**
    (Grade 7-8)

    * Intermediate Level consists of minimum 3 semesters before advancement to the Advanced level (depending on class progress).
    ** Advanced Level consists of minimum 3 semesters before advancement to the Diploma level.

    Our syllabus follows The TENG Ensemble Chinese Music Instrumental Grading Examinations: Guqin (Vol 1 – 3)


    Private Class

    TypeTeacherClass Hour (in sessions)Duration per Lecture (in minutes)Course Fee (SGD)Validity
    Guqin 1-to-1Principle
    Prof. Zhong Zhiyue
    Experienced Guqin Lecturer1045100090 days
    Guqin 1-to-2Principle
    Prof. Zhong Zhiyue
    Experienced Guqin Lecturer104560090 days

    Trial Class:

    If you would like to experience the Guqin lessons, you can sign up for a trial lesson at a fee of SGD38. We hold our trial lessons on every Tuesdays (6pm), and Sundays (12pm). The duration of the trial lesson is 90 minutes. We will waive this fee should you decide to enrol into our group or private classes.

    To note:

    • Students must notify the school at least 24 hours in advance if they are unable to attend lesson. Make-up lesson can be arranged at other time slots, subject to the availability of teachers.
    • Fee for a lesson will be deducted for late cancellations/no shows without any proper reasons and/or medical certificate.
    •  For every SGD 1 spent on Xiao or Guqin classes/ items, students are entitled to 1 reward point. Every 1000 points will allow students to redeem SGD$30 off their next purchase.
    • If two or more new students sign up together for group classes, students will be entitled to DOUBLE reward points based on individual spent.
    • For each successful referral, current students will be entitled to DOUBLE reward points based on individual spent.


      He Yue Zhai

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