He Yue Zhai
Sengkang Town Council.

龢樂斋 古琴初级 | 中级 课程 等你来报名 … He Yue Zhai Guqin Beginner | Intermediate courses … waiting for you to join in

01 January 2024

古琴初级课程 | Guqin Course for Beginners: 


古琴中级课程 | Guqin Intermediate Course:


For enquiries and registration / 查询及报名方式:“龢樂斋”总馆 (Main):

地址:520 Sims Avenue #02-05 Singapore 387580
电话:(65)  6528 9137
Whatsapp:8171 3892
电邮: enquiry@heyuezhai.com.sg


He Yue Zhai

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