He Yue Zhai
Sengkang Town Council.


16 March 2024

Our Early Spring Gathering ended Perfectly 🥰


In this early spring, everything revives, and the warm spring breeze brings vitality. Guqin friends come to this gathering with a new look. Thank you all for coming and let us capture the beauty of this early spring with Guqin!


In the new year, everyone is putting their love into playing the Guqin. This elegant gathering was brillant, and many popular Guqin repertoires were played including “Guangling San”, “The Mist and Clouds over the Rivers Xiao and Xiang (Xiaoxiang Shuiyun)”, “Ao Ai”, “Daoyi”, “Qiulan Xi Ci” and so on.


The youngest Guqin player, only 13 years old, played “The Three Variations of Plum Blossom” for everyone. He is very powerful at a young age and makes us feel the tenacity and perseverance of plum blossoms.


There were also Guqin friends who played “The Love That Transcends Time”. This song is from “Zhi Duan Qin Chang” published by Assoc. Prof. Zhong Zhiyue. With the successful release of the first volume, we will soon launch the sequel. Guqin friends are welcome to provide valuable suggestions on music selection. To learn more, please click on the following link https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ejodE2HJQ_-HyTSWOSJeBg


The finale is the Guqin ensemble version of “Yangguan Sandie” brought to us by friends who are novices in Guqin. The beautiful singing accompanied by the sound of the Guqin has become the most beautiful scenery in He Yue Zhai.


This gathering ended successfully. Thanks to every Guqin player who came. See you in next gathering.



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